Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear, and usually do so in our late teens - early 20s. Modern dentistry usually means that we still have all of our other teeth when our wisdom teeth appear, so there sometimes is not enough room for them to come through.

This can lead to them becoming impacted, which can in turn lead to a number of problems such as infection, gum disease and decay of adjacent teeth or in some instances more serious complications.

At Dental Spa Solutions in Leamington Spa we have years of experience in wisdom tooth removal, as well as being able to offer in-practice sedation therapy.

Before we remove the tooth, we will give you a local anaesthetic which means the procedure should be pain-free. Nervous or anxious patients can also opt to be sedated whilst having their teeth removed (see sedation therapy for more details).

Once your mouth is completely numb, we will remove the tooth, you may feel a little pressure as we do this, but that should be all. We will advise you on how to care for your mouth over the next few days, and you will be able to go home immediately after treatment.

That's it, no hospital, no waiting around, no general anaesthetic, just a quick and virtually pain-free procedure that will probably take less than an hour.

Our specialist, Harry Hunjan, has been carrying out wisdom tooth removal for many years, and his skills and experience in this field are such that many other dentists refer their patients to him for wisdom tooth removal. His skills and experience attracts patients from throughout Warwickshire.