Dental veneers offer a great way of transforming your smile with just one treatment. They are very thin porcelain veneers which are specially adhered to the front of your teeth. Because they cover the whole front surface, they can hide many imperfections, from discoloured, chipped or cracked teeth through to crooked ones.

The procedure involves preparing your teeth by shaping them and taking a thin layer (1/3 1 mm) of enamel from the surface so they don't look or feel bulky once the veneers are in place.

We take an impression, or mould, of the area, which is then sent to our dental laboratory so the veneers fit well and look and feel natural.

Once ready, the veneers are bonded into place, becoming virtually part of your own teeth and giving you a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

If you are interested in finding out more about having your smile enhanced with dental veneers please book an appointment at our Leamington Spa practice.