If a local anaesthetic has been administered, your lip and tongue may be numb. Avoid hot food or drinks and chewing the insides of your mouth.

Your crown or bridge is fixed and set immediately so you can eat and drink as normal, but avoid very hard foods for approximately 24 hours after fitting. We do not recommend ever eating chewy sweets such as toffees if you have a crown or bridge. Ensure you keep the area around your crown or bridge clean, just as much if not more so than your natural teeth. Use dental floss/ tape or interdental brushes around the crown daily. If you have had a bridge fitted, special Superfloss should be used to ensure thorough cleaning under and around it. Superfloss is available to purchase at our reception and for more information on how to use it, just ask your dentist.

The crown or bridge may feel strange in your mouth initially and you may feel sensitivity to hot and cold for a few days but this should resolve. You should not experience any pain or problems biting your teeth together if you do, contact us on 01926 311698.